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► Workplace Modifications to Accommodate Older Employees

April 24, 2018

The American workforce is aging as more and more older people are choosing to remain in the labor force longer than those from previous generations.  And, as our population demographics evolve over the years, employers are finding themselves with a workforce that is ever-changing in ...

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► Understanding the Pitfalls of Bonus Payments and Overtime

April 23, 2018

Bonuses are a way for employers to recognize and reward employee accomplishments in a monetary form. Under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), bonus payments are divided into discretionary and nondiscretionary types (29 USC 207; 29 CFR 778.211). Nondiscretionary bonuses are included in ...

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► Student Loan Repayment and Financial Planning Top the List of Voluntary Benefits

April 16, 2018

Voluntary benefits are a great way to attract and retain talent, but are you offering the right ones? A new survey, released by Willis Towers Watson, highlights the most popular voluntary benefits that are being offered today. Long viewed as “something nice to offer,” a growing ...

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► Healthcare Costs Still a Top Priority for Businesses

April 12, 2018

Hub International Limited (Hub), a global insurance brokerage, released the results of its third annual employee benefits study, Employee Benefits Barometer 2018: New Research Reveals the Business Value of Strategic Benefits Planning which examines the complexities of managing benefits and ...

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► Retaining Employees Through Worker Friendly Schedules

April 9, 2018

Employees leave organizations for a variety of reasons. Especially in today’s market where unemployment is at a 17-year low, employers are becoming more and more concerned with employee retention. Vacancies are getting tougher to fill, making it even more of a concern when an employee ...

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► Termination Letters: How to Write a Strong, Defensible Message

March 27, 2018

Virtually every employer will be required at some point to write a termination letter to an employee. Drafting the letter can be a difficult task, especially when you realize that so much can rise or fall on what it says. A few straightforward strategies can help you prepare a termination letter ...

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► Recruiting Videos Can Be Time Savers

March 26, 2018

As methods of attracting prospective employees continue to evolve, recruiting videos have become more popular in recent years largely due to their ability to attract a broad range of job candidates. And, in today’s digital age, where recruiters are faced with a competitive candidate-driven ...

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► Don't Even Ask! California's Ban On Salary And Conviction History

March 22, 2018

California recently enacted two new laws that have a major impact on employers and their hiring strategies. The legislation, which is now in effect, requires that employers revise and update their job applicant interviewing policies, employee handbooks, and employment application forms to comply ...

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► Failure to Post Notices Can be Costly in More Ways than One

March 21, 2018

Most employers and human resource professionals are aware of their obligations to post employment posters and notices in the workplace. Occasionally, however, an unlucky employer finds out the hard way what can happen when they fail to keep mandatory notices posted. In a recent case before the ...

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► Top Strategies for Hiring and Retaining the B.E.S.T. Workers

March 15, 2018

When employees leave a job or are terminated, both the workers and the company have to deal with the consequences. Especially in businesses with high turnover rates, the process of recruiting and paying new employees to replace those who leave can be time consuming and expensive.  Does this ...

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