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► EEO-1 Reporting Deadline is March 31

March 12, 2018

The Employer Information Report EEO-1, otherwise known as the EEO-1 Report, typically must be filed with the Joint Reporting Committee (JRC) on or by September 30 of each year. However, this year the report (for the 2017 EEO-1 reporting cycle) is due by March 31, 2018. This year’s ...

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► 2018 Form W-4 Released With Tax Bill Changes

March 8, 2018

The IRS has issued the 2018 version of its Form W-4, which reflects changes made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).  Employees are not required to resubmit Form W-4 to their employer, but some will find it advisable to do so. A revamp of the W-4 was necessitated by TCJA changes such ...

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► IRS Announces HSA and Other Threshold Limits For 2018

March 6, 2018

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently announced the 2018 contribution limits for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). The family contribution limit for an HSA was reduced from $6,900 to $6,850, along with adjustments made to other IRS thresholds to reflect the recent tax legislation. The Tax ...

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► Austin, Texas Enacts Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Law

March 1, 2018

Last month, the Austin City Council passed a new Paid Sick Leave Ordinance—the first of its kind in the south. The Council voted 9-2 to implement the policy in the early hours of February 16, 2018. The ordinance applies to private-sector employers located in Austin, Texas, and requires ...

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► The Adverse Effects of Government Shutdowns on Workers

February 24, 2018

Since 1976 the government has officially shut down 20 times, and if history is any guide, there will be more in the future. While a shutdown does not necessarily mean all government operations come to a halt, there are adverse implications for hundreds of thousands of federal employees who face ...

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► FAQ: Calculating Overtime When the Workweek Changes

February 23, 2018

Frequently Asked Question : Our company is thinking of changing our workweek and wonder how that affects overtime. For example, moving from a weekly payroll that pays Monday – Sunday to a weekly payroll that pays Saturday – Friday. Is this allowed and what is the best way to ...

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► Are Job Descriptions Really Worth the Effort?

February 22, 2018

Writing job descriptions is a systematic method for describing and classifying jobs that employers and HR professionals rely on as an important part of their staffing programs. They can rely on them for a variety of reasons, including recruiting, performance reviews, reasonable accommodations, ...

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► New Strategies to Keep Good Employees

February 20, 2018

The new year marks a time of new beginnings and fresh opportunities. It’s also a time to consider new strategies for keeping your good employees. Employers are continually looking for great talent and, once they find it, are working hard to keep it. This article looks at some strategies for ...

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► Policy for Dealing With Workplace Odors and Fragrances

February 19, 2018

The existence of odors or perfumes in the work-place can make it difficult for allergic or sensitive employees who may experience severe respiratory problems or other serious health issues. With 60 million Americans suffering from either asthma or allergies (or both) and an estimated 50 million ...

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► More Employees Opting for Consumer-Directed Health Plans

February 16, 2018

While the Affordable Care Act still faces uncertainty, employers are looking for ways to reduce their healthcare costs and offer employees healthcare benefits that meet their needs. A new report—released by Benefitfocus, Inc. , a cloud-based benefits management platform and services ...

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